We chatted with the designer behind

We chatted with the designer behind

How did you begin working with Ariana? I heard she's a fan of yours.

I started working with her a couple of years ago with one of her old stylists — I think it was right after "Problem." Then I started doing stuff with her sporadically throughout her career, and then we finally reconnected for this.

What was the design process like? Were there any specific silhouettes you were instantly drawn to? 

I worked with her stylist, Law [Roach] , and he reached out to me and went over what she wanted, what she was looking for. She had a mood board with these really cool images, and the vibe was really streetwear, oversize and really edgy — like what's happening in fashion right now. The show has really cool projections, the entire stage is one giant projection — so the clothes and the color palette complement the projections. Everything is monochromatic, including the dancers' costumes; that way everything just flows and looks really dope. Nothing shiny, everything is pretty matte, and there's lot of texture with straps and zippers and hardware. 


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